The Most Luxurious Accommodations To Consider at Lake Bled

If you’re looking at booking a trip to Lake Bled, and you’re having a hard time picking from the many hotel solutions that are in the area, you’re going to want to look for luxury overall. Luxury and price don’t have to be outside of the framework of your budget.

It’s all a matter of looking at some of the best, within the budget you have, and you’ll definitely be impressed. For instance, the following 5 hotel options are going to result in serious amenities, providing you with unparalleled elements while travelling to Lake Bled.

Hotel Vila Bled

Luxurious Vila Bled
Vila Bled (Book here) (Read Tripadvisor Reviews)

One of the top reviewed options near Lake Bled is this incredible luxurious hotel. Four stars of luxury is what you get here, as you are going to be close to the waters. The perfection that the staff aims for is felt through the many reviews that denote the amazing rooms, quiet areas, and attention to finer details. Amenities that you can expect range from spas, room service, to free breakfast and high speed internet standard. More information and reservations

Garden Village Resort

Lovely Garden Village in Bled
Garden Village (Book here)

For those that are seeking a touch of romance, this may be one of the more unique experiences in terms of accommodations. You will find the tree houses and pier tents to be amidst the most unique and impressive luxurious accommodations in this area. It’s an innovative hotel that will change the way that you see luxury. However, if you want to go with a suite, it’s available as well. This is for the adventurous, and those that want something unique and new. Check the available dates and make a reservation

Grand hotel Toplice

Grand Hotel Toplice, Bled
Grand Hotel Toplice (Book here)

Located near the centre of town, you’re going to find this Lakefront property to offer incredible views of the Alps, as well as other natural wonders. This hotel features many amenities that you would expect such as free internet, pool, spa, tennis courts, and great staff to adhere to your needs. Whether you’re staying for a short time or a longer period, you’ll be glad to have checked into this astounding locale. More information and reservations

Hotel Triglav Bled

Hotel Triglav, Bled
Hotel Triglav (Book here)

For those that are looking for a quaint, freshly updated hotel, this is your option. It’s roughly 1 KM away from the city centre, it features a great deal of amenities that are simple, and of a high quality. It’s close to the train station, and is located right near Lake Bled’s rowing centre. Overall, this is a small, hotel that has been in operation since 1906, and showcases quality experiences for those that want something a bit cosy. More information and reservations

Hotel Golf

Hotel Golf, Bled
Hotel Golf (Book here)

As far as luxury is concerned, this is one of the most amazing that you’ll find. The average review is ranking this high above others, and the small scale means more attention to your needs. This four class option will give you everything that you could possibly want out of a resort hotel. It has everything you’d want, with free parking, free internet, restaurant, suites, and much more to give you a sense of comfort. You’re going to find this hotel to offer a touch of class and comfort that is well reviewed by those that have experienced it. More information and reservations

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