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The oldest and the largest Slovenian golf course

Bled Golf Course was first built in 1973 and is the oldest Slovenian golf course and one of the most beautiful courses in Central Europe. It has outstanding natural features and wonderful views of the highest peaks of the Slovenian mountains.

Bled has two golf courses, both 18-hole King’s course and the 9-hole Lake course are suitable for beginners and also for the most demanding players (professionals).

King’s course was designed by a renowned golf architect Donald Harradine and is considered to be the most beautiful golf course in Slovenia. The architect took into the consideration all of the surrounding natural resources and created a real masterpiece. The fact that golfers use every stick during their game speaks for itself about the diversity of the playing surface.

Lake course was opened in 1993. It has a more modern, dynamic design and is adored by players who like to test their skills against various water hazards.

Interesting facts

  • Bled Golf Course was ranked in the top 50 most popular golf courses in Europe in 2012.
  • In the past, Bled Golf course was a host to many important amateur and professional tournaments.
  • Bled Golf Course is the only Slovenian golf course on World Magazine’s list of Top 100 Golf Courses in Continental Europe.
  • Every year, the IGFR European Golf Championship takes places here.

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Playing golf at Bled
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