Wellness (Thermal water)

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Thermal water at the foot of the Alps in Bled

The healing properties of thermal waters in Bled have been used for decades for therapeutic purposes and spa treatment.

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What are the positive effects of thermal water?

  • Movement in thermal water reduces muscle tension, increases flexibility and muscle strenght and relieves pain.
  •  It improves blood circulation and accelerates metabolism.
  • It provides an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • It has beneficial effects on chronic skin disorders.
  • Swimming in it releases endorphins (hormones of happiness).
  • Drinking thermal water has a natural antacid action.

Wellness Bled

Bled healing tradition dates back to the 19th century, which is when Arnold Rikli founded his famous health resort. The thermal springs are included in the three swimming pools and the Grand Hotel Toplice and hotels Park and Golf. The spring has a constant temperature of 23 °C.

The thermal springs are led into the swimming pools at the Grand Hotel Toplice and the Park and Golf Hotels. All of these hotels have wellness centres with one or more indoor swimming pools with constantly fresh thermal water. Every pool is emptied overnight and then re-filled with fresh thermal water. This guarantees the unique clarity and freshness of water.

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