Bled Castle

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Bled Castle is the oldest castle in Slovenia. It was first mentioned in the year 1011. It is the most visited cultural attraction in Slovenia.

Throughout the year, the castle hosts numerous events. Every year there is a medieval day and several times a year, different medieval and renaissance events take place as well. There are also some permanent attractions such as castle printing work, wine cellar, an herbal shop and a small paint gallery.

Bled Castle

The Castle can be reached by car, but if the weather is suitable, I would suggest you to take a walk on a beautiful path towards the castle. The most beautiful view of the lake Bled, Bled Island and surrounding mountains is from Bled Castle. The castle is one of the most important cultural attractions of Slovenia.

Short History overview (facts)

  • In 1004, the German Emperor Henry II gave the Bled estate to a Brixen bishop named Albuin.
  • The guard towers and a fortifications system was added in the Middle Ages.
  • Castle gained its final appearance during the Baroque period

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