Bled Island

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Bled Island is Slovenia’s only naturally-occurring island, lying between Croatia and Italy. Come visit the area, and learn why many people view it as their favourite place in the world.

Bled Island goes by another name: Fairytale Island. Why is that? Bled Island is like stepping into a fairytale world – a glacier created this tiny little island and every square inch of it is well-worth this fairytale description.

Bled Island during the winter
Winter time… Bled Island in white

Despite its size, people haven’t wasted any time in using it for whatever reason. It’s been lived on in some form or fashion for at least 1,000 years. It’s the place to go for couples who want to exchange their vows. The island’s largest structure is the Church of the Assumption of Mary Pilgrimage.

This church, which was built during the 15th century, is well-known to visitors due to the 99 steps one must take to enter it. It’s not uncommon for grooms to carry nearly-still brides up these steps… all for the hope of future happiness. The church also bells visitors can ring in the desire for good luck. In order to get to this church, visitors will need to pay a guy (called pletnar) to row them there using the traditional wooden raw barges known as Pletna.

Another key feature of this church is the wishing bell. These bells were installed in the early 18th century. As the bell is rung, a person can make a wish and, according to legend, the wish is then granted.

The story must be true. After all, there is always a happy ending in fairy tales.

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