Place for a perfect wedding: Lake Bled

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Wedding at Lake Bled

Imagine a fresh Alpine breeze going through your hair and the smell of a crystal clear lake. Imagine a ride on a boat towards an island in the middle of a lake and the noise of vessels making their way through the water.

Imagine yourself sitting in the boat in your wedding dress.
Or imagine a scenario where you enjoy your wedding in the beautiful autumn scenery on a white horse carriage paving its way through colourful leafs.
Or celebrating in the halls of the mighty castle Bled, accompanied by a medieval landlord and ending the celebration on top of the cliff with a spectacular view upon the surroundings.

Wedding on lake Bled

Lake Bled is one of the most romantic places to get married and it offers many different ceremonies. It is irrelevant what kind of religion you belong to or if you only want to renew your vows – Bled will submit to your personal wishes. You can decide whether you want to get married on the island or on the castle, or simply choose among the various churches in the city.

It is the perfect place to commit and say the final yes since even Slovenia’s most renowned poet France Prešeren was inspired by the amazing scenery and wrote a story about two pagans in love, who ultimately decided to accept Christianity in order to save each other’s lives. One of them gets baptised in Bled at waterfall Savica.

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