Bled Cream Cake

One of the symbols of Bled cuisine is the Bled cream cake. It is true that cream cakes can be bought elsewhere, but there is only one true cream cake; and that is the Bled cream cake.

Bled cream cake,  kremsnita

Former head of the Hotel Park patisserie, Ištvan Lukačevič, tested and experimented with different recipes and ingredients until he succeeded in finding the perfect balance and the famous Bled cream cake was born. It is made of gold baked lining pastry, delicious vanilla cream that is just enough thick, with exactly the right amount of flour. On top of the cream is a layer of whipped cream and a crispy layer of dough sprinkled with powder sugar. Yummy!

Even today, this famous cream cake is prepared at the same patisserie and is sold in the Coffeehouse next to the Hotel. Over the last 40 years, over 7 million of Bled cream cakes were sold. Is it really that good? Well, you will have to try it for yourself.

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