Ski slope Straza is officially opened

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The skiing season in Bled has started today at 9 am (GMT+1). Free parking is available for all visitors at the lower ski lift station.

Ski resort Straža is only a few minute walk away from the Bled city centre. One of the special features of this ski area is its superb view of the Lake Bled and Bled Castle. The ski area is covered with a combination of natural and artificial snow and it also has adequate lighting that enables night skiing.


  • Altitude: 131 m
  • Ski lift length: 354 m
  • Inclination: 40 %
  • Skiing time: 4, 87 to 2, 54 min
  • Top speed: 1, 2 to 2, 3 m/s

There are three ski slopes:

  1. The hardest track called ”FIS”
  2. Moderately difficult track called ”S”
  3. ”Baby lift”- the easiest track for beginners

Bled offers a variety of winter activities …


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