Joyous, Active Events You Can Enjoy In Bled During June Through December

The town of Bled has many worthwhile festival and events visitors should check out during the summer and fall months. These events are open for all to enjoy. What kinds of events can you and other visitors enjoy?


Bled Castle’s Medieval Days

Bled has a history that dates back 1,000 years, with it being connected to the clifftop castle. According to records, it’s the oldest building in Slovenia. The courtyards and castle buildings in Carniola were often noted with boisterous and joyous fun, as well as barbarism. Festival performances during this time period included a market, medieval music delicacy tasting and battles.


Rikli’s Walk to Straža Hill

One of the first folks to realize Bled’s health benefits and value because of its location and climate was Arnold Rikli, a Swiss doctor. He created his own healing methods, using the effects of water, air and light. In 1855, he founded the Natural Health Institute. In order to commemorate his contributions in Bled’s tourism and health, the Straža Hill recreational walk is held each July. 2015 marked the 17th year, and always starts at the Hotel Golf at 7 a.m.

Bled Golden Microphone

Studio Osminka organizes the Bled Golden Microphone event, which sis an international singing competition for adults, youth, teens and children. It’s an event that offers financial prizes for the winners and takes place over the course of five days.

Night Run around Lake Bled (Nočna 10km)

This is a unique event on the usual 10km race. As implied by the name, it happens after the sun sets. There are five age groups involved and goes more than two laps around the lake. The 400m and 800m children run starts at 8 p.m., the 1.2km run begins at 9 p.m. and the main run starts at 10 p.m.

Bled Days and Bled Nights

One of summer’s key festivals is the Bled Days and Bled Nights, which is held sometime late July. It offers a range of events – daily arts and crafts fair, street performers, concerts, children’s puppet shows and so much more. You also don’t need to miss the traditional candle lighting on the lake ceremony with the fireworks display right after, which happens at the castle.


Okarina Ethno Music Festival

The Okarina Ethno Music Festival first began in 1991 and is held for one day. In the beginning, there were just two artists, a group of people from the Czech Republic, and a group of Croats and Slovenes. In 1998, the numbers grew significantly, going to more than 25 artists from 14 countries and lasting 10 days. The music festival, which is a colourful celebration of all things, takes place Bled Castle and Spa Park.

Bled Mini Marathon and Recreational Run (Blejski Maraton)

Another annual event for the area of Bled is the Bled Marathon. It offers a recreational 6km run-around-the-lake and a 21km half-marathon.


Bled Strategic Forum

Every September comes the Bled Strategic Forum, which is used to involve high-level strategic discussions between leaders in both the public and private sectors on the issues that face the 21st century and Europe.

The goal behind it so come up with new tactics that allow Europe to make use of its strategic space and influence, while also establishing some political commitments to them. The forum also provides a platform that ensures cooperation between the public and private sectors, which is aimed at coming up with common united methods to solve the unsettled challenges and overcoming new challenges that arise.

Bled Triathlon

If you’re an athlete that doesn’t mind swimming, bike riding and running all at the same time, then you need to take part in the Bled Triathlon. First, there’s the 1,500m swim, then the 40km bike ride, and finally the 10km run. And, even if you’re not that hardcore but still want to take part in the fun, you can join in on any of the races suitable for novice athletes. It’s possible to register for the event through the Internet.


Oberkrainer Festival

The Oberkrainer Festival is all about the traditional Slovene folk style music that’s similar to the sounds of the waltz and polka. There are performers from an array of internationally-known ensembles, all promising to get the town moving at least one weekend of the fall time.

Besides music, there are always food and drink to enjoy. It’s the one of several Bled events that brings visitors in from Germany and Austria. Oberkrainer is regarded as being more popular than Slovenia, Hungary and Italy.


Potica Festival

For four days in December, you can partake in the fun that’s all about Potica. You can check out the live Potica baking. You can learn how to make great desserts from the workshops and even do so buying. This festival is located on Bled Island, which means transportation to get there is done by Pletna boat.

Merry December in Bled

Christmas in Bled is just as important as Christmas is everywhere else. Throughout the month of December, there are many events to get involved in. One of the events is the “Sinking of the Bell” – Christmas night. This event is from a centuries-old legend that involves an actual sinking bell, the Pope, nuns and murder.

Another celebration to take part in is the New Year’s Eve fireworks display, which is held along the waterfront. Every December weekend is loaded with events suitable for children. There’s also the arts fair, which is hosted at Hotel Park. And, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, you can watch Santa Claus ride the town in his horse-drawn sleigh.

You can check out the complete month-long events program by going to the official website

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