Lake Bled Slovenia

The city of Bled with its idyllic lake is situated on the foothills of the Julian Alps, just 35km from the Airport Jože Pučnik in Ljubljana. Lake Bled is wonderful at any time of the year and therefore, it attracts many visitors from all around the world.


Centuries ago, there was no lake. There was only a tectonic lake basin, which was later carved by the Bohinj glacier. The glacier encountered a barrier – a giant rock that was eventually rubbed and brushed for so long that all what is left of it is what we now call the Bled Island. The Bohinj glacier deepened the natural tectonic basin and gave the lake its present form. When the ice melted, the basin was filled with water.


  • The lake was formed in tectonic basin about 15,000 years ago.
  • Lake Bled is 2120meters long (6955.4ft), 1080 meters wide (3543.3ft) and 30.6 meters deep (100.39ft).
  • In the past, it was larger and twice as deep.
  • The average annual temperature of Lake Bled is 12 °C.
  • The thermal springs are led into the swimming pools of three Hotels


Lake Bled is a great destination to visit the whole year round. Summer is a great opportunity for swimming and winter is an excellent opportunity for ice skating. The lake itself and the beautiful surroundings really have a lot of potential for various activities.

Lake Bled is one of the largest natural lakes in Slovenia. Due to the natural potential, the immediate area around the lake has been inhabited since Palaeolithic times.

The lake truly is the symbol and heart of Bled. Because of its annual temperatureit is ranked as a warm alpine lake. Temperatures often rise to 24 °C, which is why the Rowing on Lake Bledlake is perfect for different water pleasures from June to September and has an important role to play for tourism.
The average temperature in July is 21.5 °C, therefore the lake attracts many swimmers and it is also appropriate for boating. Due to the favourable water temperatures, Bled has the longest swimming season of any Alpine resorts.

Lake Bled has been featured many times by the media all over the world and it was also nominated for one of the new seven natural wonders of the world by the website.

Lake Bled has several thermal springs in the north eastern part. There you can find Grand hotel Toplice, hotel Park and hotel Golf. The thermal springs are led into the hotels swimming pools. You can also get a massage or choose between various spa treatments.

Bled and its location represent the ideal base for a variety of winter sports. There is an easily accessible nearby ski resort Straza, where cross-country skiing enthusiasts can choose from different routes in the surroundings of Bled.

As said before, lake Bled is an important tourist destination in Slovenia. It specialises in touristic boats called pletna and Bled cream cake. The small island in the middle of the lake is the only natural lake island in Slovenia. In the distant past, the island was a sanctuary of ancient Slavic goddess Live. Above the lake is a steep cliff on which stands the Bled Castle.

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