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Cost of Traveling to Lake Bled & Slovenia – The Complete Breakdown

 Cost of travelling to Slovenia

For everyone planning on coming to Lake Bled, budget is probably not too big of a concern, especially for tourists holding US Dollars and UK Pounds, Slovenia continues to be unusually cheap.

Slovenia’s lower cost of living compared to its European neighbours makes it easier to travel on a budget, so one of the questions we get frequently is how must is the cost of traveling to Slovenia and Lake Bled.

We’ve broken down costs of transportation and accommodation in past posts but here is our detailed guide to the cost of traveling to Slovenia from food, activities, transportation, lodging and more.

This post will give you an in-depth look and a well rounded idea of about how much you may spend on your trip but remember, much of it also depends on the type of vacation you’re looking for.

Cost of Traveling to Slovenia

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  • Flying to Slovenia
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Tours
  • Food
  • Souvenirs
  • Tips


Flying to Slovenia

Depending on where you are flying from, you can spend as little as €38 (approx. $41) on a round trip flight from Brussels, €71 (approx. $78) on a round trip flight from London, or as much as €476 (approx. $523) on a round trip ticket from New York.

Like every destination, ticket prices change constantly and depend a lot on the time of year you are coming. We recommend using Skyscanner for finding the cheapest flights to Slovenia.

More direct flights to Slovenia’s central Jože Pučnik International Airport have opened up in 2017 (e.g. lowcost airline Transavia flying from Amsterdam) meaning more options and more competition. There even was a time when one-way flights from Ljubljana to London or vice-versa were less than €0.99 (source) trough a known travel site

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport

Research shows you should book your plane ticket at least 60 days before to Slovenia and make sure you comparison shop. We recommend using Skyscanner to compare flight tickets.

Tips for Finding the Best Flight Deal

  • You may get the best deal by traveling a bit further to any of the airports in the neighbouring countries (Graz, Venice, Zagreb).
  • Sign up for price alerts on Skyscanner. This is such a valuable tool.
  • Try to be flexible on your dates. Tickets are always more expensive during the holidays.
  • Follow our Deals section. We try to regularly post cheap flights, mistake fares and cheap vacation packages for you.


As Slovenia is a tourist friendly country, you can easily find all types of accommodation options throughout the country. You have your standard hostels and hotels, but you can also find all-inclusive resorts, tree houses, eco-friendly lodges and camp sites.

Garden Village Bled
Garden Village Bled, for those that are seeking a touch of romance.

Depending on what your budget is and what kind of vacation you want, you can spend as low as €15 a night to €250+ a night. Touristic areas usually have a ton of options so you’ll be able to find one that fits your needs guaranteed.

Bled is one of those cities that many visitors fantasize about visit someday because it is known as a nature destination and it has friendly locals who speak English well, and low prices on most things.

Hotels in Bled are predictably affordable by European standards, yet quality is generally high. Hostels are also quite cheap, although the cheapest ones are a bit away from the city center.

Average Prices for Hotels in Bled

  • Hostels: €10-€15 for one bed in a dorm. Big lockers, nice strong hot shower, usually no breakfast. In some hostels couples can have a private room for around €35 a night.
  • Basic/budget hotel or studio appartment: €45-€75 per night. This includes a private room with hot water, AC, TV and private bathroom. Appartment studios start at around €50 per night and include small kitchen.
  • Mid-range hotel: €80-120. Mid range hotels usually include both, breakfast and dinner, AC, satelite TV, bathroom, Wi-Fi, coffe maker and a mini fridge.
  • High end hotel: Starting around €170 and up. These high end hotels usually have a great view, a balcony, Half Board service (rich buffet breakfast and dinner), indoor pools and massage tub, saunas, bike rental-options, some offer welcome drink vouchers for Bled Casino. Not all high end hotels are built the same – some are more boutique , some are international chains.
  • All-inclusive resorts: Starting around €200+, but are quite rare in Slovenia in general.

Tips to Save Money on Accommodation

  • The last weekend of May is expensive because of national holidays. The first and second week of July is also considered high season because the schools have two weeks off for mid summer break.
  • Look on Airbnb for alternative lodging options. You can find many apartments/condos/rooms for rent for a cheaper price.
  • If you are flexible and not necessarily looking for a luxury vacation, you can check hotels in person when you arrive and bargain.

Best Hotel Booking Sites for Slovenia in General

We personally use a few different sites when we’re looking for a hotel.

Most of the Slovenian serious hotels and appartments are listed on, because Slovenians mainly use this portal for booking when travellin on their own.

One of the pros of using a hotel booking site is that hotel websites in Slovenia in general aren’t usually the most informative or easiest to navigate if it’s not a chain.

Airbnb is also gaining more and more affordable listings.

Another tip: you will not find all of the hostels on, since many of them don’t sign up. Best to check and make hostel reservation over

Cost of Transportation in Slovenia

There are quite few ways to get around Slovenia and from the airport to Bled.

  • Public transportation: The bus system in Slovenia is very wallet friendly and super timely. Bled is connected with regular bus lines with the immediate surroundings and all larger cities of Slovenia. The central Bled bus station is located on the north-east part of the lake, 3 minutes walking distance from the lake.
  • Taxis: A good option for short trips, definitely not for long ones. Slovenia’s taxis are safe, clean and reliable. Make sure they use the meter or decide on a price before you get in the car. The starting rate is usually between €0.80 and €1.50 with a per kilometre rate of between €0.70 and €1.70. TIP: Ordering a taxi by telephone will get you lower rates for longer distance trips.
  • Shuttle: Shuttles are primarily used for transportation from the airport to Bled and vice versa. A shared shuttle will cost you around €12-15 per person (in one direction, e.g. Airport Ljubljana – Bled). We would really recommend using GoOpti – a low cost transport service made with shared shuttles. TIP: The price is fixed at booking and is lower if you book early, if more people book together, or if you choose a standard GoOpti location for pick-up or drop-off
  • Car rental: Renting a car can get expensive during high/peak season. You really need to do your research when it comes to car rentals companies to make sure that they include all the mandatory insurance fees in their final quote which is what drives the price up in Slovenia.

Tips for Saving Money on Transportation

Unfortunately, there’s not a whole you can do on saving money in this aspect. The cheapest way is to take the bus if you are going to visit Ljubljana or any other city in Slovenia, in case you just need a ride to the airport we recommend a shared shuttle service by GoOpti.

We have some discounts on transportation that will help save money.

  • GoOpti (The average price of a one way drive from the airport to a Hotel around lake Bled is around €13.)


Many activities like going on a walk around the lake or hiking to Bled Castle you can do on your own but if you want to do something like Emerald River Day Adventure, Bled and Bohinj Canyoning, Postojna cave trip from bled, White Water Rafting, Water Spring Tour etc., you need to book a tour. I always tell visitors that you can certainly skip tours to save money but the trip won’t be as fun.

You might miss some experiences since some natural attractions and landmarks are more easily accessible through tour companies.

Average Cost of Tours in Bled

  • White Water Rafting in Bled: from €30. (Find out more)
  • Emerald River Day Adventure: from €80. (Find out more)
  • Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle Small-Group Day Trip from Bled: from €90. (Find out more)
  • Kayaking Day Activity in Underground Mines from Bled: from €110. (Find out more)
  • Canyoning Lake Bled Slovenia: from €60. (Find out more)
  • Day Trip in Triglav National Park from Bled: from €90. (Find out more)
  • Hot Air Balloon flight in Bled: from €190 (Find out more)
  • Tandem Powered Paragliding over Bled Lake: from €100.

Tips for Saving Money on Tours

If you have your own form of transportation (car rental), you can save money by going on your own instead of going with a tour company. Most of the times you can contact the company running the tour and coordinate the time to show up.



Bars and restaraunts around lake Bled are a bit more pricey, but still very affordable.

Average Cost of a Meal in Slovenia

Bottle of water (1500 ml): €1.5
A smoothie: €3
Beer: €2.5-4
Traditional breakfast: €7
Street food and self-catering: €10
Traditional lunch: €15
Dinner in good restaurant: €40

Good to know: It is perfectly safe to drink tap water.

Traditional Slovenian breakfast
Traditional Slovenian breakfast


You can easily find souvenir stores in Bled. A refrigerator magnet with the image of lake Bled will cost you around €3, a good bottle of Slovenian wine from the souvenir shop is around €15-25.

You probably won’t be able to bargain. You might get a discount if you buy several items.


Tips are not mandatory. If you decide to tip, the standard percentage is 10%.


Overall Cost of Traveling in Slovenia

As a solo traveler, here is an idea of what your trip will be like according to budget (not including airfare):

  1. For €25-45 a day, you travel fairly well. Sleep in a bed in a dorm, eat a normal lunch at a local pizza joint, walk around the lake and experience a lot actually, since there are quite some free things and activities to do.
  2. Spend a bit more for €60-90 a day and you can upgrade to a nice rome in a budget hotel, have a beer with a pizza at the local pizza joint, experience free stuff and maybe visit Vintgar gorge (entry fee is around €5 per person).
  3. Throw in a bit more and for €100-150/day you are looking at mid-range hotel (halfboard included) with some spa amenities, lunch at a lovely restaurant and a tour such as White Water Rafting in Bled.
  4. Is €200+ a day not a problem? You’re looking at a hotel with a view, guided tours (such as Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle Small-Group Day Trip from Bled), renting a car to visit neighbour cities and a fine dinner in one of more expensive and TOP restaurants in Bled (e.g. Bled Castle restaurant or Finefood Penzion Berc).

Handling Money and Prices

You will see that I quoted everything in EUR (euro) in this post since this is official currency (valid since 1 January 2007.) ATMs are widely available. Credit and debit cards accepted by most businesses throughout the country.

So there you have it, the breakdown of costs of traveling to Bled!

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